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Lee Prichfe'roc

Lee Prichfe’roc

Sorry, I had to leave you but the pain I held so deep inside made me feel it was my only way out. There was so much that I was going through that I just couldn’t tell anyone what was going on. It may have seemed I was pushing you away at the end. I loved you and though I chose to do what I did, never blame yourself because you were the best parents I could ever ask for. My struggles I was facing were too tough to talk about and every day I see the hurt in your eyes because I’m no longer with you, but again, never blame yourself. Keep doing what you are and help others from the loss of me. You may in return save someone else’s life and help them through their struggles that they may choose life and not death.

There are plenty of other people out there that are looking for that helping hand reaching out that want to know they are not alone.  The want to know that someone else knows the struggles they are facing. They are looking for someone that will save them because at this moment they feel no one cares and that no one knows what they are going through. So as I finish I want you to know I love you all so very much. Stay strong so that you can help others in need through my name. I know you question rather you will succeed with what you are doing and my answer to you is, “Yes, you will.” You will succeed and even though you may not feel like its touching anyone’s life I say to you it is helping them more than anyone knows.

From The Writer: As I sit here with these words coming to me I feel for some reason that it’s someone in your same town or somewhere nearby that is looking for that hand reaching out to help them. They are looking for someone who understands what they are going through and they want to choose life but they need your hand and your words of encouragement to help them.

It’s hard going through rough times and I myself have those thoughts in my mind. The smallest thing can stir everything up to where the thoughts come to your mind but do not ever give up. Remember there are others out there that are facing the same situations. There are some people out there and though they may have never gone through the same situation they understand you. No matter what causes that person to feel like that is the only option left.  In the end, the situation is the same because we each hurt from it. Each of us feels as though we have no one to talk to because we feel no one will understand us. Just know there are people out there that will talk to you and will be your friend. You can depend on them to help you in the most important of ways. Always choose life because the ones you care for need you.

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