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online-safetyAmanda Todd was the case that turned “cyberbullying” and “online predator” into household words. She was pushed so hard, and so viciously that she committed suicide in October 2012. I spent the entire day revisiting everything that went on with her, looking for information I did not already know. I go over a very short I started looking at websites, and apps. I will get more in depth with all of it, revisiting each section each day and posting new blog entries when I make changes to it.

This will probably be an ongoing project for me for the next 2 weeks. I have literally worked all day and night on this. From around 8am yesterday morning, until 4am tonight. I have studied, watched videos, seen documentaries, read, wrote, rewrote… I need sleep.

I hope the new page is okay so far. I need to fix something with the site that is not allowing comments to be posted on pages. I am too tired to figure out what is causing that. I will do that tomorrow.

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