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online-safetyThis will be a pretty short update that takes you to a pretty long page that will continue to grow.

We have updated our Keeping Kids Safe Online page. It now has a new app, probably one of the most dangerous apps I have personally seen because it tricks your children into believing that they have control of things they post online and gives them perceived security and anonymity.

We have also added the two best protection apps for mobile devices. Funamo for Android, and Our Pact for iOS.

We have also rephrased some of the things on the page to make them clearer. In particular bringing attention that you should NEVER allow your children to have full control of their devices, and keep you locked out of them.

I know teens today want freedom and getting them to see the dangers of that is next to impossible to do. All you can do is give them an all-or-nothing ultimatum. Either they let you monitor their online activity, or they have no privileges. We have met too many people who told way too many horror stories.

Full credit for suggesting the Funamo app goes to Stephanie Norsworthy. Thanks for the suggestion. It works beautifully.

The new dangerous app added today is Snapchat. Go and read about it.

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