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gfm_logo_300dpiToday we officially shut down our GoFundMe campaign for By Chaney’s Hands. We want to thank everyone who helped to bring us to where we are today. We cannot thank you enough for your dedication and contributions.

We would like to thank GoFundMe and other services like them for offering what they do to the world in terms of crowd-funding. There are a lot of worthy causes out there that are brought to fruition by sites like GoFundMe. I only wish we had hit the donorship point that they would have considered us one of their projects of interest, because that would have driven in a lot more donors and followers. That giant logo at the top of this post is our thanks to you GoFundMe.

Moving forward for the time being we will be relying on PayPal for all of our donations. We will be sending receipts for all donations made to PayPal thus far as soon as we get our printer. GoFundMe payments are not tax-deductible, we cannot mail out anything for those donations except for our unconditional love for your support.

We do still need donations. It is very important to us that we continue to move in our planned direction, and today is the day that I marked on my calendar as the “paradigm shift” for By Chaney’s Hands.

We are about to become very busy people…even more busy than we have been up to this point, and hopefully the shift will bring in new followers and contributors of every type.

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