If you are experiencing a crisis, call 911, 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or text 'START' to 741741.

This started out being a Facebook post, but it was just getting too long to not make a blog post out of it. So here we go.

In a way, I am having another memorial service/funeral tonight. I just made a gzipped tar file of every file on my old business server. Most of the sites are moved, I will continue to let old client sites run as they are on the new server. I think there are two websites left to move…and that is it. My web development business is now officially defunct. I have killed it to focus on suicide prevention.

Lone Steer Tombstone

With a really fast connection at the office, to download everything I have produced in my business over the past 2 years zipped into a single file will be a 40+ hour download. haha…

I have a lot of old domain names that I will likely just point to By Chaney’s Hands… I know I already did that for http://www.theghostsofwar.com. Maybe when we get to the point that we have program offerings for veterans we can use that domain name.

Angel still has a domain she bought to start a blog on AGES ago and never did start it. lol… I may redirect that one to it as well unless she decides to become a blogger.

I also own a domain called WestKentuckyLife.com which I may turn into a revenue generator for By Chaney’s Hands as well. I am thinking it would be a good business listing service that I could probably get people to just pay about $15 a month for. I am not sure how that will work. I am not supposed to give services for donations. Just like the memorial pages I really don’t consider that a service or product… They make a donation, I spend time setting up a page to memorialize a lost loved one. The rules on these things are so strange. Which leads to my old web development and marketing clients…

Those clients are donating instead of their payments for monthly hosting as they were. Most of them maintain their own sites, so literally nothing changes for them really… I just stop collecting money for hosting, and they start making monthly recurring donations to By Chaney’s Hands. The money from that hosting is hardly enough to cover the server cost, even with the discounted rates we got when we partnered with Hivelocity Hosting. They gave us a fantastic deal, though, and I LOVE them…always have. Best dedicated servers I have ever used.

I guess in a way this marks the official “end” of my business.

We really need financial sponsors….we really need B2B advertising and growth. What that means is, businesses that know about us should be telling other business owners about us. Business-to-business advertising. I have begged so many places, and out of maybe 20, I have gotten 2 rejections…and 18 ignores. I am hoping that our board members will get into the “we need donations” thing. I have not had time to push it on them. I have not had time to make them do the things I have already asked… and I know their time is limited as well. We did not want to get a bunch of doctors and psychologists for board members. Our board members are people who have experienced the trauma of suicide, and bullying in many different ways. We have teachers, EMT’s, firefighters, and loss survivors. Not only do they run in those busy capacities, but some of them also run their own businesses, and almost all of them are involved in the community in many other ways.

Right now I am trying so hard to find 3 volunteer bloggers to compile articles for the website which will be translated quarterly into the newsletter.

We really want to accomplish something and change the face of suicide prevention. We have a whole slew of new ways, and I am attempting to work with other groups who are approaching suicide prevention in ways that have never really been utilized.

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