If you are experiencing a crisis, call 911, 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or text 'START' to 741741.

Read this, read it carefully…

Try and take it in and grasp the numbers when you get to them.

There is a pattern in our donors

I hate that the same few people have donated over and over again. We have not had a donation in some time, though. We have 1458 people that like our Facebook page.

We have expenses and no income real. We also work on an all-volunteer basis, so no personal income.

We continue to receive threats from young people who feel no worth, or depression to the point that they see no way past it.

We do not have any magic words… when people contact us we usually present them with very hard choices. If they are not willing to make those choices themselves, we will do it for them if we believe someone is in immediate danger.

We continue to lose young people that we hear nothing about until after the fact. We have basically lost a young person per month this year just in our community. That is a rate that is just not acceptable. If I take our statistics now for just our two counties and compare them to the current reported national average of suicides per 100000 people… we are TEN TIMES higher than the national average, just in Marshall and McCracken counties.

Happy things happened yesterday

The good news is yesterday I was contacted by a mother concerned about her daughter, and a friend of her daughter. I talked her through the hard choices. Told her which one would likely help the most (which also happened in her situation to be the easiest). When I checked in with them last night she had done everything she could to put the plan I had given her into place. I do mean everything. She went above and beyond what I expected.

Fantastic work. I commend you. I love the commitment you put into your family and your daughter’s friend’s family. If I could play an applause sound on Facebook I would.

If you have not donated before, please consider doing so now. Since we became a nonprofit I can tell you exactly how many people have donated. I can tell you that I still have to get a receipt to two of them, but I have to get copies of their checks from the bank or figure out where I saved the copies of them I made on the computer. It is literally 23 people out of 1458 likes.

Please donate now if you can, especially if you have never done it. We have a new program we really want to start, and we really want to expand this one to be nationwide as soon as we possibly can

I understand that times are hard… but if the remaining 1435 of you just donated $1 we would quadruple the funds that we have. That is how low our bank account is. If just a few of you could get groups going at work, or church and raise a larger donation (like the group that got us our office printer did) it would go even farther.

We are doing everything that we can do with the resources that we have. Unfortunately, there really are no resources, yet we continue to pour everything that we have into this.

We have found what I believe to be the best group of mental wellness professionals I have ever seen (and I have seen quite a few). They are fantastic, and they are right here in Paducah. We want to be able to take people who do not have insurance, and cannot pay for therapy and be able to offer them up to 20 hours of therapy (typically 20 visits). Typically the prices (depending on the person you see there) range from $75 to around $100 per hour. We would absolutely love to be able to send people there without the worry of finances, without worry of being judged… and knowing that they have people waiting that will never give up on them. Twenty visits to these people (we know because they have been our therapists since Chaney left us) can be life-changing.

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