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Okay, now it is my turn. Happy Star Wars Day. Unfortunately, right here in our own galaxy, there are problems taking place regarding suicide. As a result, from May the Fourth through May the 31st we are accepting donations from people who want to let their geek flags fly. Donations for this should be a minimum of $4, and if you go higher should be made in multiples of $4. If you are a geek, you already know what that means, but for those of you normal people who got into Star Wars late here are some examples. Stop me when you start to see the pattern.
$4, $8, $12, $16, $20, $24, $28, $32, $36, $40, $44, $48, $52, $56, $60, $64, $68, $72, $76, $80, $84, $88, $92, $96, $100
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