If you are experiencing a crisis, call 911, 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or text 'START' to 741741.

Rise Against STIGMA & SUICIDEWe are still looking for submissions for our Rise Against STIGMA & SUICIDE art compilation project. This includes art submissions of any kind. Anything that can stir emotions, drive sadness, or inspire hope. Be it music, spoken word, poetry, stories, it literally does not matter.

We are not asking for rights to your work, or ownership of it, we simply want to be able to place it in the collection and use it to drive microdonations.

If you have anything you own the rights to and can contribute, please consider doing so. We have had some fantastic submissions so far, and we would love to see this project grow huge over then next year or two. The goal is to end it with a huge coffee table book with everything in it, and a USB thumb-drive containing all of the audio and digital files. That means we need for this to grow as much as possible.

The more information you provide us about you with your submission, the more we will put on your submission page to drive traffic back to you.

There is information available on the project page if you are interested.

Join with us in helping others with the healing outlet that is art, we will help promote you while you help promote us, and we both save lives together. We need you!

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