If you are experiencing a crisis, call 911, 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or text 'START' to 741741.

We are pushing hard to receive LivingWorks ASIST program training. We have a great offer from River Valley Behavioral Health. We have a very short window to raise these funds. Our program is being offered by trainers at River Valley off-schedule at a discounted rate in August. ASIST is the most widely used suicide intervention-training program in the world. We need to really have a huge push for this. If you can give anything at all, please consider doing so.

ASIST is a wonderful program in suicide prevention, and is used all over the world as a tool for suicide intervention. Our intentions for this program are to learn the ASIST program and how to apply its methods, and then take the ASIST T4T model so that we can train ASIST ourselves. This will be the education program we carry out and offer to educators, churches, and first-responders in the areas we serve. We will do this at no cost to these types of organizations. They can raise funds for the training, alongside us so that we can get their training materials paid for. Upon completion we will issue them a plaque that certifies that all of their staff has completed the training for the next 2 years. After 2 years has passed, we will go back and train any new staff that has come on-board.


If a business wants us to train their staff, we will use this program as a way to raise funds for By Chaney’s Hands, unless they are a By Chaney’s Hands corporate sponsor, which we will use their next donation to fund their training.

Spreading this program throughout the community will help to lower suicide attempts and rates dramatically. The more we can educate people with the knowledge and skills this program brings, the more people we will have in our communities who will be able to recognize and handle a person approaching crisis.

We have to take 10 people with us to this training session. We have opted to take community members as well as a few By Chaney’s Hands staff members.

The people we have selected tie back into the following areas of professional activity:

  • By Chaney’s Hands Staff
  • By Chaney’s Hands Staff
  • Paramedic
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Registered Nurse
  • Middle School Special Education Teacher
  • Social Worker
  • 911 Dispatcher and Training Coordinator
  • 911 Dispatcher
  • Church Youth Leader

All of these people will be able to recognize the significance of this type of training and how vital it can be in saving lives. They will be able to push it back into the organizations they work for. If they choose to take it on, they can optionally begin to work on fundraisers to help pay for their organizations training, otherwise we will begin to work on raising funds to get their training materials and handle that ourselves.

This program is suitable for anyone regardless of skill level ages 16 and up.

I linked it at the top of this post, but I will link it again now. If you would like to see more information on the ASIST program, you can do so by clicking this link.
Donate to the ASIST Fundraiser

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