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EMERGENCY! August 9th we are hosting an event and two of our sponsors have dropped out at the last-minute. It is not a fundraiser for us. It is a community event where we are discussing how important family time is at the dinner table, without distractions, for families with children of all ages. Ultimately teaching them the value of fostering two-way communication and relationships between parents and children. We only have 7 days to make the funding goal for this event to happen. This event includes dinner for each family and a movie. That is a salad, pizza, a dessert, drinks, and a movie after dinner. Baskets will be on each table to collect cell phones which is one of the things we intend to show as something they should do at home during family meals.

Two of the sponsors we had backed out at the last-minute (both of them were *THE* backbones of this event). I do not blame either of them, they were just not able to give what we were told. Instead of $500, one of them provided a $25 gift card. Instead of providing drinks, paperwork was not turned in on time within their offices.That is why I came up with the “Opportunity Donations”. They are not being done as a game, raffle, or lottery. They show appreciation for getting us out of a jam and helping make this event happen with odds stacked against us so highly. Donations started out well, but we are FAR off from our goal, and there are quite literally only 7 days left (less than that for preparation).

If you have already decided to help, click here now. If not, please keep reading.

We still need around 90 donations for this to work. Donations are $25. We set it up so that you can give from 1 to 4 times. When we reach enough donations, we will draw 5 names from the list of donors. These donations themselves are not tax-deductible. The full list of donors will be posted, along with the donations they made, and the total donation value. We purchased software to track donations and make the name selections for us. We will not release any information other than the names of the donors in a “thank you” list, along with a list of the 5 names the software selected as those chosen donors and the order in which they were chosen. No email addresses, or mailing information will be released. If a person chooses to remain anonymous, all they need to do is email info@bychaneyshands.org and let us know, and we will replace their name on the list with ‘Anonymous’, unless they are selected by the software… Sorry, you can’t be chosen and be anonymous.

The first name chosen will receive either their choice of either a tax receipt for the value of half of the total donation pool, or a check for the same amount. The other 4 names chosen will be able to choose one item from our Spreadshirt shop.

WE NEED AT LEAST  90 OF THESE DONATIONS AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE TO MAKE THIS EVENT HAPPEN BECAUSE WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME. If we reach that goal, the expected amount the first person chosen will receive will be somewhere near $1250. The odds of being chosen are close to 1 in 100, depending on the total number of donations made.

If you can help with funding this event, please click here or on the graphic below.

We desperately need help so that we do not have to cancel this event. We have put too much time and effort into planning and preparation at this point to lose it to funding issues.

Opportunity Donations - Paying you to Donate to Us!

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