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HELP WANTED: Faces, stories, social media, and cover-ups of suicide

by | Aug 6, 2016 | By Chaney's Hands | 0 comments

The Many Faces of Suicide

We need more faces to represent people lost to mental illness and suicide. We have asked before for youth ages 10 to 24, and received a great response. We have asked specifically for military, police, and paramedic/EMT and gotten no response. We have asked for stories to share, and gotten a somewhat mediocre response. Here are the types of people, and stories we are looking for to represent the many different facets of mental illness and suicide. If you are loss survivors left behind by any of the following and would not mind us using their faces and stories to represent their demographic, please get in touch with us, share your story and a photo of them.

  • Adults (ages 24+) that don’t fit any of the following professions
  • Ambulance (Paramedic/EMT)
  • Dentists
  • Doctors and Medical Staff
  • Homeless
  • Military (retired/veteran or active)
  • Police Officers
  • Teens and Adults with substance abuse issues

Personal Stories of Struggle and Triumph

As always, we are looking for people who have attempted suicide, or struggle with suicidal thoughts or depression on a daily basis. Our hope is that by posting your story, someone will come along and reply to you and offer you a message that you need to hear to let you know that you are #WorthMoreAlive, and help you to see the value in yourself. Even better, our hope is that perhaps your story of getting past those times will help someone who is currently struggling will help them find those things for themselves, and inspire them to go on to help others. We are all truly #WorthMoreAlive.


Suicide, the Internet, and Social Media

We are also looking for any stories from any surviving family member where you believe that the internet, or social media specifically played a role in the loss of your loved one. We will likely need to schedule a time that we can talk on the telephone to interview you. We understand that these conversations can be hard, trust me we understand.

Covering Up Suicide

Another thing we would love to report on (anonymously) are people who reported a suicide as an accidental death. We will not release your name, or the name of your loved one. We just want to try and gain an understanding on why you reported the death as accidental. Again, we will talk to you via telephone. We will not divulge your identity, or the identity of your loved one. We will replace any names with fictional names, and state that the names we used were fictional. Any identifying pointers like location, year, etc will be changed to avoid any indication of who you are. Our goal in this is simply to try to understand why in today’s world, someone would purposefully want to cover a suicide up. Do not be ashamed about your actions. This has gone on for centuries, and we do not want to shame you, or tarnish your image or story. We just want to develop understanding from our point of view and share it with others.


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