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A forever heartbroken mom by Jannette Griffin

by | Aug 30, 2016 | This Is My Story | 0 comments

In memory of Patsy Hernandez (1/12/1999 – 8/31/2014)


Jannette GriffinToo all the teens I have as Facebook friends and beyond,

The 31st will mark 2 years since Patsy’s passing. Since those two years, I have seen posts from some talking about self-harm or suicide. It makes me so sad. It literally breaks my heart. Some of those teens attended my daughter’s funeral. Those same teens cried. Boys and girls. Patsy’s funeral was packed with people to the point that there was no room left. The number of people was overwhelming and not a dry eye in that church. 

For the teens that say they want to die…you saw me standing before my daughter at her casket! You watched me screaming in agony. You watched me completely pass out in front of her casket. You heard me crying out her name. You witnessed a mother’s WORST nightmare!!! 

When I found my daughter, it was catastrophic horror! I passed out with no pulse. I was admitted to the hospital for major stress and PTSD! Since then, I have had to watch my sons cry and miss her. Her family and friends cry for her….. It hurts me! Taking your life is a temporary fix, you CAN’T come back! You leave this world with so many lives affected. I would give ANYTHING to have Patsy back. I am tortured every day! I cry every day! So, please, If you feel that in some type of way that you want to end your life, please seek help and please PLEASE remember that nothing and no situation is worth this. 

I now rely on dreams to see my daughter, that’s all I have. I don’t have answers as to what happened with Patsy. I just know in my heart and soul that she didn’t mean to. She loved life. She loved God. She loved herself. She loved her brothers. She loved me. She loved her family and friends. She was a happy person and full of life until she had that horrible head injury. Please, seek other ways to cope other than taking your own life. Please share. Sharing this might a person planning their death. I am sharing these photos for the public. Reality will be more than my words alone. In




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