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An Open Letter to ABC, and to Good Morning America

by | Sep 17, 2016 | By Chaney's Hands, News, Opinion | 0 comments

I wrote this last night but did not have time to upload and post it.  I just had a short break from what I was working on so I went ahead and got it done.  This is in response to the Good Morning America crew approaching a crowd of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention staff and supporters outside and asking them to move because “It’s the top of our morning show. We don’t want suicide on the brain.

I know it is hard to get a lot of you to like or share things. Almost like we are asking you if we can have your teeth, or your ATM cards and PIN numbers, but please try to spread this as far and wide as possible. I tried very hard to keep it as short as possible, but there really was no way to go any shorter than this without telling the story I wanted to tell and get the point across that I wanted to convey.

Click to read “An open letter to ABC and Good Morning America”


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