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This is Chaney

This is my daughter Chaney. She was born on August 13, 2002. I was not around for the first couple of years of Chaney’s life on this earth because technically I am a “step” parent. We never got into that classification in our home. In fact, one time I was chatting with a friend online and I mentioned my “step-daughter” when she was sitting here beside me and she got so angry that I had to correct myself, apologize to her, and I had to hear it from my wife when she got home and found out. She was as much my child as any other child in our home.

Chaney smiling.I did everything with Chaney from potty training, to trick or treating, to those magical trips to Toys’R’Us when I would let her pick something out…which 9 times out of 10 would be a pink or purple plush Care Bear. I even took her out to get a dress, shoes, and jewelry for a school dance. That trip drove me insane and took HOURS to complete. She was so indecisive, and everything she wanted cost so much money. She, like any other little girl, wanted to feel like she was the world. I will tell you, to us… she was. She was an absolute princess in our house.

Chaney was one of the happiest kids in our house. She was ALWAYS smiling. She was always so accepting of anything new, and everyone she saw. One of those 3-year-olds you had to fight about opening the front door when someone rang the bell. One of those kids that would walk over to anyone, anywhere and try and carry on a conversation with them like they were life-long friends.

She was also one of those kids that never had to study. Sure we would make her do homework, and study from time to time. Her performance in school was always top-notch. Much like her mother, she just seemed to have a great grasp on everything she was introduced to. She was the most social, smart, energetic and cute little girls I had ever seen in my life. She was an absolute angel.Chaney, Purple Carebear

Not to say she was perfect. No one is perfect. In our eyes, she could not have been a better girl. She was strong, sweet, and loved life.

Chaney picked a lot of things up from me and her mom… being that she had nerds for parents she became fascinated with science, Doctor Who, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, reading, learning, and writing. On her own, she got into a television show called Criminal Minds. She went from wanting to generally work in the sciences to wanting to grow up to be a forensic scientist. I had never seen a child so young settle on something so specific in terms of a career choice. Kids usually want to be astronauts, or police officers, or veterinarians…but not Chaney. At 12 years old she was set on becoming a forensic scientist.

Angel and baby Chaney

For my wife, Chaney was so much more. She was her first child. She was our only daughter. She was the thing in her life that made her go from being a carefree and fun-loving adult to growing up and deciding that there was more to do in life than live for yourself. She was living for someone else. From the moment Chaney was born she became the center of my wife’s world.

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